What is SafeGPS?

SafeGPS is a patent-pending mobile application designed to help users avoid flooded or potentially flooded roadways. This launch is the beta version, and we welcome your feedback at contact@safe-gps.com.

How does SafeGPS work?

SafeGPS uses static and dynamic data to determine if there is flooding or potential flooding on your route. If the software determines that there may be danger of flooding, it will provide up to three alternate routes.

Does SafeGPS work like other GPS apps?

The app is similar in function to other GPS apps in that it uses your location to generate a route, but that’s where the similarity ends. SafeGPS does not show routes that are the shortest or most convenient in terms of traffic or driving time. SafeGPS routes may be longer (sometimes much longer) than routes provided by traditional GPS navigation because the software will not allow a route to be drawn if data suggest it’s likely be flooded. It also has to break routes into three-mile long legs or segments to process data.

Why does the software break up my route into multiple legs?

To determine the risk of flooding on a users route, the software must continuously consume and process a very large amount of data, much of it changing and updating in real time or near real time. This beta version of the SafeGPS software must segment user’s routes into three-mile long segments to process the data. We hope with later versions to be able to show longer route segments and eventually the entire route without compromising data quality.

Why isn’t SafeGPS free to download?

SafeGPS was conceived, built and launched by the founders in their spare time, using just their savings. In addition to the cost of software development, the app requires data storage and processing plus licensed maps. We are currently charging a small download fee to offset our ongoing development and data use/processing costs. We also welcome support at any level from patrons who value our self-funded work.

Can I share a bug, suggestion or other feedback?

Yes! We greatly appreciate all feedback or ideas you have to help up improve. You can email us at feedback@safe-gps.com to share your thoughts and ideas. We ask that any issues be emailed to us at feedback@safe-gps.com, not left in review form. We will happily consider and respond to all feedback via email. When reviewing we hope you will consider the following:

  • This is a beta launch. It’s very much a work in progress, and we’re 100% open to suggestions.
  • We’ve designed this to try to help save lives (not be the most convenient GPS navigation app).
  • The organization that we’re building around this is a non-profit, and funds will be used to help save lives.
  • This is currently 100% self-funded out of the founders’ savings and as such requires that we charge a small fee to cover our significant cloud hosting and development costs.

What if I still have more questions?

Please email us at contact@safe-gps or fill out the contact form on our contact page.