SafeGPS is a hazard avoidance GPS navigation app designed to help users avoid floods. Unlike other GPS navigation apps which are designed to help users find the fastest route or avoid traffic, SafeGPS is designed to help users find safer routes by avoiding flooded or potentially flooded roads.

Users simply input (or search) their desired destination. The software determines if there are any flooded or potentially flooded areas on the user’s route in three mile route segments. If any hazards are detected, the app will generate three optional routes for the user to choose from.

Like any GPS navigation software, SafeGPS is only as reliable as the data sources (including maps) used by the application. Use common sense and be aware of your surroundings when operating any type of vehicle. If a road appears flooded, it’s always safer to find an alternate route than to risk your life. Stay safe around floods. Don’t drown, turn around and when in doubt, find a safer route.