Beyond just flood awareness, SafeGPS is flood avoidance GPS navigation. This patent-pending flood avoidance application is designed to help users avoid flooded and potentially flooded roads. Unlike typical GPS navigation apps which are designed to help users find the fastest route or avoid traffic, SafeGPS is designed to help users find the safest route in a flood situation.

This is an initial product launch (beta launch) with many additional features and improvements planned. We greatly appreciate all feedback or ideas you have to help up improve. You can email us directly at

Using multiple static and dynamic data sets from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and other agencies, this app enables you to find a safe path through flooded or potentially flooded areas. If there is no safe path to be found, the app will immediately let you know, so you can focus on safety and shelter in place.

The app is similar in function to other GPS apps in that it uses your location to generate a route, but that’s where the similarity ends. SafeGPS does not show routes that are the shortest or most convenient in terms of traffic or driving time. SafeGPS routes may be longer (sometimes much longer) than routes provided by traditional GPS navigation because the software will not allow a route to be drawn if data suggest it’s likely be flooded. It also has to break routes into three-mile long legs or segments to process data.